Finding Your Way

Discover Why You are Here and the Lessons You are Meant to Learn

Uncover your soul’s mission and your reason for being

​If you could go on an inspiring adventure that would reveal why you are here, and how you can unlock the power you have to make a true impact on the world—would you go?

If you’re among the masses who would immediately say, “Yes,” an amazing door has just opened for you.

Amazon Bestseller, The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness, takes you on a wondrous journey that answers these timeless questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose in life?

"Your Spiritual DNA is perfect, it requires no modification or improvement. Lisa Eve has done a brilliant job of showing you how to permit your perfection to shine through. She guides you onto the right road to a bright future." —Bob Proctor, Star of the movie, The Secret

Reclaim your hidden power to live a joyful, vibrant life

Lisa Eve is a Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Entrepreneur. Her heartfelt mission is to guide, inspire and awaken people into living their fullest potential. 

All of her gifts and talents flow beautifully together through, The Love Channel.

"Engaging, funny, and entirely relatable..."

"At once engaging, funny, and entirely relatable, Lisa Eve takes us to a very important foundational place to rediscover how love frames our whole lives.

"She further gives us the tools to reclaim the power it gives us, and tap into making the most of this time here on Earth. Thank you for plucking this wisdom from the sky and placing it back in my hands."

- Amy Stoehr (Founder and Director, Real Estate Masters Guild.)

Embark on a wondrous journey to
greater self-awareness

Amazon BestsellerThe Love Channel book and workbook (included), will guide you to uncover and accomplish your reason for being, your soul’s mission
all while living a life you love!

A quick and joyful read you can complete in a single sitting, The Love Channel raises your self-awareness and…

  • Reveals what it’s like to be a spirit preparing to come into your body
  • Enables you to rediscover the intuition and happiness with which you came into this world
  • Opens your eyes to the limitless love and abundance that’s right at your fingertips
  • Makes it clear you have angels and guides who are eager to help you during your journey

Realize your life’s purpose and set your true intentions

When you read, The Love Channel, prepare to be enlightened and amazed. You’ll learn about who you are as a divine soul beyond your physical body.

You’ll discover that you made choices before birth about what
your intentions would be in this life.

It will become clear that you have a mission to fulfill and specific lessons to learn. This insight will give you a greater understanding of who you are as an eternal being living an earthly life.

As you step into this awareness, it will become much easier to feel greater joy and gratitude, so you can make a more positive difference in the lives of others.

Praise for The Love Channel

“Attitude is everything. It determines how you meet each day and confront every problem. This book, The Love Channel, teaches the readers how to find real happiness in life, not from material things but by being grateful with what you have. It's just what the doctor ordered!”

- Judy O'Beirn (International Bestselling Author of, Unwavering Strength)

“This book is an excellent way to start a positive change in one's life. The author, Lisa Eve, does an excellent job motivating as well making it easy to start things you can do today to improve your happiness level. Great book and companion guide!!”

- Debra Oakland (Living In Courage Online)

"The Love Channel is a great book and will support actions that leads to forgiveness and healing of all types of challenged relationships. It truly portrays the power of love and that is dear to my heart as a Marriage Coach."

- Willie Tart (Clergy, Marriage Coach, Speaker & International Bestselling Co-author of Unwavering Strength)

Open up to the limitless abundance
right at your fingertips

The Love Channel gives you a greater sense of clarity that will empower you to release self-imposed limitations and stop living from fear.

Challenges will suddenly be seen as tremendous opportunities for growth, and inspired actions will take the place of self-doubt and worrying.

You’ll view love and joy as unopened gifts and recapture the wellspring of happiness that was your nature as a child.

As you read The Love Channel, you will gain absolute clarity that all you seek is
within you, and ready to flow through your life with abundance.

About the Author

​Lisa Eve is a Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Entrepreneur. Her heartfelt mission is to guide, inspire and awaken people into living their fullest potential.

In addition to being an Author, Lisa Eve is also the creator and founder of - The Place for All Things #Happy!

Discover Why You are Here and the Lessons You are Meant to Learn

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